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My Background

Dr. Timothy Lock is a Catholic father, husband, Franciscan tertiary, clinical psychologist, and educator. He is the founder and director of the Goretti Center for Healing and Forgiveness and full-time Director of Psychological Services at St. Joseph’s Seminary (Dunwoodie). Dr. Lock has recently published Choosing Forgiveness: Unleashing the Power of God’s Grace, with Fr. Thomas Berg. In addition, Dr. Lock has published professional articles and book chapters in the area of clergy sexual misconduct, same-sex attractions, psychological trauma, and traumatic memory. He has lectured nationally and internationally to seminarians, clergy, mental health practitioners, and the general public on issues including the treatment of anxiety, forgiveness, Catholic psychology, Catholic psychotherapy, clergy sexual misconduct, and the psychology of same-sex attractions.

My Approach & Philosophy

Dr. Timothy G. Lock specializes in clinical assessment and psychotherapy from a Catholic perspective, focusing both on root causes as well as symptom reduction, and working with patients to access, understand, and treat the underlying sources of many psychological symptoms and challenges.

Choosing Forgiveness.


“To say that offering forgiveness is a challenge is an understatement. Forgiveness is tough! Forgiveness is often messy. Forgiveness doesn’t feel good to most of us. And when it comes to the biggest, deepest hurts in life, forgiveness can seem impossible. 

Some hurts are the everyday, garden-variety irritations we endure for having to live in the company of other human beings who lose their tempers, get up on the wrong side of the bed, say nasty things, are ungrateful, selfish, and irritable. Some hurts are of a magnitude that far transcend these — degradation, exploitation, abandonment, rejection, humiliation, racism, bullying, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. But with God’s grace, even in those most difficult cases, forgiveness is possible. 

In Choosing Forgiveness, Fr. Thomas Berg and Dr. Timothy G. Lock are your guides on the way toward forgiveness through the grace of God. This book will help you discover the pathway to healing, peace, and interior freedom, releasing you and those who have wronged you from the bondage of unforgiveness.”


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